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Our Team

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Yogacharya K.P MOHANDAS


Yoga is the greatest contribution of ancient Indian tradition. It is for the unity of mind and body, thought and action, harmony between man and nature and a holistic approach to health and well-being, Santhi Yoga International Teachers Training and Research Foundation is established to promote and propogate yoga in the national and international levels for the integrated development of the human personality at the physical, mental, emotional, intellectual and spiritual levels.

International yoga trainer certified by the yoga alliance (USA) and yoga alliance international, TTC Yoga Sivananda Ashram, PG Diploma, Yoga Therapy (Kerala University), Yogacharya Certificate Course (Vikas Yoga, Vaikom), M.Sc Yoga Therapy (TNPESU , Chennai), PG Diploma In Counselling, Professional Yoga Teacher of the AYUSH Dept.Govt of India certified by the Quality Council of India.

The organization was founded by K P Mohandas retired Under Secretary from the Finance Department, Kerala Govt.Secretariat. He is the President of Santhi Yoga Charitable Society, President of District Yoga Sports Association and Vice President of Kerala PG Yoga Teachers Association.

He has been teaching yoga for the last 10 years to students belonging to various nationalities,he is an expert yoga therapist particularly for life style diseases like diabetes, hypertension, obesity, asthma etc. He has been successfully applying counselling combined with yogic science as treatment modality for various psychosomatic disorders.


Abhilash Gireesh

Managing Director

B.Sc. (Chemistry), MBA (HR), TTC YOGA (Alliance International), Fitness Trainer.

He is deeply influenced and committed to follow the philosophy and practice of yoga. His area of interest is fitness management combining yogic techniques.

Nidhish Nidhiri

Teaching Faculty Chairman

He has selected the promotion and propagation of yoga as his mission.He has proved his excellence in imparting yogic vision of life among people by helping them to understand the true meaning of life and to educate how to unify the body, mind and soul. He is also a skilled yoga therapist. He is having a long experience as a yoga instructor in many Institutions. He is well experienced in the management of life style diseases like Diabetes, Asthma, Arthritis, Obesity , Backpain, Migraine, Depression etc.He is also a teaching faculty member of the Tamil Nadu Physical Education University, Vaikom Center.

Gurudath Sadanandan

YTTC Teacher and Instructor

Gurudath is a self-starter, who consistently explore the world through the unique perspective of art and science of yoga. An educator by profession he takes responsibility to simplify and make the students understand the complex and infinite concepts of yoga through his theory and practical lectures in a timely and efficient manner. He currently works with Santhi Yoga International as a YTTC Teacher and Instructor.



Kaithapram Vasudevan Namboodiri

Visiting Faculty and Advisor

UGC NET in Yoga, MA (English), MSc (Yoga), MEd, Certified Yoga Teacher by AYUSH, Govt. of India, Yoga TTC from Sivanandasram, Neyyar Dam.

Profile of work
– Director of PYTRC (Patanjali Yoga Training and Research Centre, Ernakulam)
– Rtd. BPO (SSA) (Block ProgrammeOfficer,SarvaShikshaAbhiyan)
– 32 years of teaching experiance, Social Worker, Sanskrit Scholar
– Written 3 books on Yoga (Siva Samhita, GeetayumYogavum, ShugarumYogayum)
– Written 9 other books (Panchatantram- yatharoopam, SagnikamAtiraatram, Atirudram, Vishnuyagam, Agnihotram, Jagadeesh Chandra Bose, KuttikalEntuPthikkanam, BeerbalKathakalile Management Tatwangal, Narayaneeyam-commentary, SaastruPoojaRahasyam)
– Editor of
* Yoga Paitrikam – Tri monthly
* Devahara- Monthly
– Yoga-Colomnist in Matribhoomi
– Teaching Yoga in T V channel- JANAM TV.

Dr. Kochuthresia Jose

Consultant of Ayurveda & Panchakarma

Dr. Kochuthresia Jose is an expert Ayurveda Doctor and a teacher who is handling the classes on Ayurveda, Anatomy and Physiology. She is an eminent Panchakarma Therapist and a good counsellor. She is having proficient knowledge in yoga and her classes on Anatomy and Physiology would be more and more relevant and effective. And she is also our consultant of Ayurveda and Panchakarma.

Justin Thomas

Visiting Faculty

Sri. Justin Thomas is our guest faculty and manages classes on Mind Power Training. He is an International Trainer and Counsellor, Advanced Life Coach, N.L.P. Master Practitioner and certified Hypnologist. He is acting as the national co-ordinator, National Training Programmes of the JCI India. He is also a certified trainer of the State Govt. Institutions such as employment exchange IMG and KILA. He has conducted over 2700 training sessions across the world. His one day workshop on Mind Power Training is a varied and amazing experience for the Yoga Students.

Dr. M R Gopalakrishanan Nair

Course Director ( University Courses )


FR. Peter Thiruthanathil MSc.

Diploma in Yogic Science from Lonavala, Maharastra in 2009, MSc. in Yoga in the year 2013 from S-VYASA University Bangalore, Professional Yoga Teacher of the AYUSH Dept.Govt of India certified by the Quality Council of India.

Fr. Peter (Baiju Varghese) is a diocesan priest belonging to Archdiocese of Ernakulam-Angamaly. Presently he is the Assistant Director of Welfare Services Ernakulam, an NGO known as Sahrudaya. Now Fr. Peter is a fulltime Yoga Instructor along with his priestly profession. He has completed his 9 years in teaching Yoga and has attended several national and international conferences in order to continuously improve upon his yogic experience under renowned yoga masters. Today he dedicates himself to the practice and teaching of Yoga. His style promotes simplified application of yoga practices and meditation. For the past 5 years, Fr. Peter has been profoundly involved in Yoga Therapy, Health Retreats and routine Yoga Classes. Besides, he is serving Naivedya Ayurveda Hospital and Research Centre based at Ponnurunni, Kochi in the capacity of Health Director.

Dr. Chandasekharan Nair

B.Sc. (Yoga and Naturopathy), MIINT, DNYS, DNYT.

Dr. GCS Nair, a faculty member of the MG University, Kottyam is a Senior Naturopath and Advanced Yoga Therapist cerified by Govt. of India. He is our guest faculty of Natuopathy. His lectures and practical sessions on Naturopathy (Nature Living) will be a distinct experience for the students.

Dr. Harikrishna Sharma K. N

Asst.Prof.(Sanskrit – Vedanta), Sree Sankara College, Kalady.

MA(Vedanta Philosophy )
MSc(Psychology )

Dr.Harikrishnan is leading the topics the fundamentals of Vedanta Philosophy and Dreams Yoga.Dr.Harikrishnan is the first in this state to get a Doctorate in the subject Dreams.