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Santhi Yoga International -Yoga’s Own Place!

The urge to know is inherent in a human being. This urge has paved the way for learning. This pursuit starts from school as a child.

The urge to possess

In the absence of the toy, the child starts to cry! In the presence of the toy, the child plays,laughs,hugs it and keeps it.The child finds security in the possession of the toy!

The child as a grown up adult learns more only to possess more. The same urge continues. Even though the toy doesn’t interest an adult any more, the urge to possess exists.

The education that enriches the person is considered as essential. The education to know more leads to possess more like house, car,and luxuries of life.

Possess the reality

In spite of the education and possessions, if a person finds an urge to know more, this time the urge to know the reality, the inquisite person is awaken in you.

If you inquired to acquire the reality of life, which are peace and freedom in you and only in yourself, then you are on the right place to seek these two purposes of life too.

The right place is Santhi Yoga international.

Confining the learning not only within four walls but also within a preconditioned mind prevents one from learning the realities of the world and the ”I”.

Possession for the life time

If you have the enthusiasm to possess, this time the reality of life that last for a lifetime, then you are going to possess something none other than yourself.

The well-informed teachers, the inquisitive student bring out the teachings of yoga in its full bloom! Not only the health of the body, fullness of the mind too.

This twin combination of mindful of peace and holistic health of the body results in freedom here and now!


Yoga a way of life

Each day is new when you start to practice yoga. Yes, yoga renews each day,each week, each year and this life!

Asanas agility

Santhiyoga teaches you not just physical exercises but postures called as Yoga Asanas positioning your body for health, the yoga way

Pranayama power

Santhiyoga helps you to breath to retain best possible energy through pranayama instantly enriching peace and health.

Toxins removed easily

We share the knowledge with you how to cleanse the internal organs of the body through six kriyas (shatkriyas).

Bandhas and mudras to lock and seal energy to overcome any physical ailments.

Yoga texts, the treasure house

The text on Yoga is your treasure now as Santhiyoga unfolds to you the gist and explanations of the text to you in just 4 weeks’ time.

Experience the richness of the intellect of the enlightened masters who lived for people like you. Yes, you are entitled for the learning of yoga from its source. The land of the yogis.

International yoga teacher training – made for you.

The four weeks of International Yoga Teacher Training (200 hours) is ideally suited to you. A busy executive needing to make a management decision, a teacher teaching students arts and sciences,an young employee, an entrepreneur, a student, home maker and a seeker of peace and freedom!

Come to take the Yoga Teacher Training course in 200 hours in Santhi Yoga International.

Walk in as a student of yoga!

Walk out as a teacher of yoga!!


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